Electric scooter Ecoscooter-X7- black


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Electric scooter is a balanced and classy device for comfortable rides. The scooter is perfect for riding on flat roads. The electric vehicle is ideal for riding on sidewalks or cycle and pedestrian tracks, so you can enjoy performing everyday tasks – going to the shops and to work or just cruising around! The electric scooter is a perfect device for covering short distances of up to 18 km with one battery.

The electric scooter is battery-powered and easy to charge! Aside from that, the scooter is a compact device which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go


Maximum speed: 25km / h
Battery:  36V 5Ah  /180Wh (Removable, can be replaced with another charged battery quickly)
Power: 350W
The maximum driving distance : about 18km
The recommended rider weight: 120kg maximum
Charging time : about 3 hours
The recommended temperature Hoverboardi used: -10-40 ℃
Electric scooter weight: about 13,5 kg
Tyre size : 10 ” inches
Engine: Brushed Motor rear
Package size: 110*23*52 cm
Tires : Full Tires / Without front and rear suspension